A Little Story for My Hero: Alessandro Del Piero


haha kinda miss this blog. it’s been years since the last time i post. And the only reason i want to start again this blog was that i realize that my favorite football player -the reason why i love football- is gonna leave my lady; Juventus

wait, wait, wait. i haven’t told ya that i love football, huh? i haven’t told ya that i love Juventus more than any other teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona? Screw me -__-

Yes, i love Juventus. La Vecchia Signora. The Old Lady. La Fidanzata d’Italia. The Girlfriend of Italy. The Bianconeri. And the reason why i love this club is not that it has 29 scudetti in Serie A, 9 times Italian Cup Trophies, and 2 Champions League Trophy. The -one and only- reason is this one hell of a player: Il Pinturicchio, Alessandro Del Piero

What? I can’t love a single club only because of one player? Well, you probably don’t know this player or it’s just me being stupid. This man is a real hero, for Juventus, for the world football, for humanity, and for me. Let me tell you why.

The first time I notice this man was probably in 1998’s or whatsoever. My brother talks about him all the time. Well, i was 6 years old or so and i barely could kick any ball -i may haven’t even had any balls yet. lol.- so i just move on and yeah you know, like any kindergartener did, forgets everything.

Years passing by. I’m pretty sure that i was on my 1st grade in middle school. Because that was the very first time i discovered one of the best discovery in the world: the internet. and then i simply remember Alessandro Del Piero so I search it in google and try to find how good this man could be. He was nothing special. haha yes you’ve wasted 3 minutes reading this.

Just kidding

He is a great player. He is small: 173 cms which is not so far from my height. He doesn’t have speed like any other small striker would have as their advantage despite of their  height. He was quite agile, but not so fast. But he still got something that every striker needs: a killer instinct. And he rocks! He is a magnificent penalty-taker and the King of Free Kick. He is so great that there is a spot of free kick that has his name on it  “The Del Piero Zone”. Are you saying that I’m making this up? search on google and thank me later.

Only dead ball? of course not! Though he may not has a decent speed, he still got his killer instinct. He could dribbled past 4-5 players and mostly he scored goals from it. And his back-heel goals are awesome. Check out his video on youtube “Del Piero 25 top goals”

But one does not simply become a hero just because of his appearances on the field. His actions off-the-field is also contribute to him to be considered an idol. When Juventus had this embarrassing scandal called “calciopoli”, Juventus lost their 2 Serie A titles and degradated in Serie B with 9 points minus. You would leave when your team is on a big mess, wouldn’t you? That’s what Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Patrice Vieira, Adrian Mutu, and etc did. Most of Juventus stars leave Juventus in a huge mess. I don’t blame them. You won’t stay at “the sinking boat” when you can go to another big and healthy boat. Yeah, say that to Alex -Del Piero’s nickname-. He is the first person that said he will stay with Juventus no matter what happens. “ Un Vero cavaliere non lascia mai una signora” he said. The quote that made Pavel Nedved, Gianluigi Buffon, and few others Juventus stars stay. Yes, because A True Gentlemen Never Leaves His Lady. He is a real hero for Juventus at that time by being a top scorer for in Serie B and made Juventus become the champion of Serie B and thus made them back in the league (Serie A). And he still becomes a top scorer in Serie A in the next season, FYI.

You know in football it’s okay to have a glamorous life. Christiano Ronaldo, for example, he had bunch of girlfriends in his life. Or David Beckham, affair here, scandal there, has a great mansion that called “Beckingham Palace” and becomes the world most famous football player. Yes it’s actually okay to have fame, money, and girls for famous football players. But Alex isn’t like any others. He only has one woman in his love life: Sonia Amoruso. And she’s not a popular lingerie model, not a singer, and not even actress or at least a celebrity. She was “only” a saleswoman -well in the mean time she has this boutique named “Satu”-. They get married on June 13th, 2005 after 6 years of a relationship in San Crato, a small church in Turin. He is a great example for any young man, football player or not. He didn’t do drugs, and he stays true to his words that a true gentleman never leaves his lady.

And if it’s not enough, he initiate the movement “Ale and 10 friends for Japan”. He helps Japan to recover from the earthquake -yeah, the Fukushima one”. He is also involved in AIRC (Assciazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro) or in English: The Italian Association for Cancer Research. Yes, he does care about humanity

But, the bad news is coming. He is going to leave Juventus this June. After 20 years of fighting -that’s even older than me!-, he finally have to leave this club. Maybe retiring, or go to MLS like David Beckham, Thierry Henry, and Robbie Keane did. Well he is 37 years old so i don’t blame Andrea Agnelli, the current Juventus Chairman, to let him go. But here is the thing from Alex that opens my mind: “Surely, this is not what I think of many times in my life, but knowing that this could be my last season, I even encouraged  to give 200 percent for this club. I still have not decided if this will be my last season in Juventus or the whole of my career. But, in 20 years of service, I would love to see again those adventure that had been running. We must be more united than ever to get good results, it is not true to say that if you do everything right then you win, but if you do everything that is wrong then it is clear that you will not succeed. To achieve good results you need humble, honor, responsibility and a spirit of sacrifice. “ As Alex said to La Gazzetta Dello Sport

Yes, he got a point. If you know that this day would be the last day you walk on earth, what would you do? YES! To live at your fullest. He taught me so many things in life indirectly. And that’s why i made him my hero. So long Capitano, I would never leave Juventus or my lady. Just as you would always be.


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2 Responses to A Little Story for My Hero: Alessandro Del Piero

  1. Harkediansa says:

    Very2 nice and inspiring article… i’m one of his fans too :)))
    May i copy this to my blog?
    (surely, i’ll write this url blog in the reference)

    Salam dari sesama football lovers 🙂

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