Stumble and fall

Have you ever fight for like, nothing? Well, I had. I had ever fight for something that is fading away. It’s like chasing a goal while the goalline seems getting farther and farther. Yesterday, if you ask me, I’ll keep fighting. But if you ask me today, I’ll stop. Tomorrow? I don’t know.

Chances are random. It could be near 100% or almost zero. Chances are gold, they don’t occur more than one time. If you get another one, let’s call it a bonus :B but a third chance? That would be miracle.

I don’t think I deserve for another chance. Imma bad guy. And a bad guy doesn’t fall in love easily. Maybe it is lust. But can lust makes you can’t sleep at night? Can lust stays forever in your mind for like, years? Can lust makes you harder to be focused on what you are doing?

I don’t know. though I’m pretending to be adult, I’m still a boy anyway. Maybe this feeling is just a medallion which makes me a legally adolescence. I chose not to move on, but now I regret my option so bad. So should I stop? Maybe so. But YOU should understand, not loving you is harder than you know.


About hamcena

I'm a melancholic-romantic rocker.
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